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Our Story

We started from the ground up, with a dream to build the perfect confectionary kitchen. Led by Industry-Veteran/ Pro-Boxer Crawford Grimsley, we did that and more.

We committed from day one to exclusively make fun products and bold flavors, grounded in comprehensive technical knowledge of the terpenes and cannabinoids at the heart of our customers’ experiences.

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Our workplace practices are industry-shaping, in both food safety and culture. Every employee is essential, with equal opportunity for all.

CannaBursts Kitchen is built on creating and supplying quality goods for a quality experience. We are constantly growing and evolving, and your feedback is essential to that process.


Our Team

Dawn Tudor
Chief Marketing Officer

Jodi Grimsley
Board Member

Ariel Bearfox Villasenor
Team Member

Larry L. Bortles
CFO + Board Member


Crawford Grimsley
CEO + Board Chairman

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Our Products

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